A bot for slicethepie, $15 a day for doing nothing

I came across a little while ago, oh how exploitable. Figured I could make some easy cash everyday if I had a program to automatically leave reviews so I spent a few days figuring out how the site is compiled and how the artist and track info is embedded into the flash player. I'm sharing it so more people use it, therefore making it harder for them to tell if someone is running a bot.

DOWNLOAD HERE: SliceThePie Bot v 1.7

Steps to make a little free cash everyday for doing nothing:
1. Download the bot:  SliceThePie Bot v 1.7
2. Make an account at Slicethepie and login to it
3. Open the bot
4. Set the posting speed (will post at a random time in specified time-frame)
5. Set the rating to +/-2 (if your accuracy drops below 87% set to +/-1, if your accuracy goes over 90% set it to +/-3 or 4 )
6. Set how many hours you want the bot to run
7. Enter a scouting room and click on start in the bot
8. Get free cash

It's a simple program, all it does is read the artist and track info that is embedded in the flash player and then using the site's current aspx file, it finds that track's current rating. It will then give it a random rating within the range you set it at, and post a comment from the archive, which contains over 12,000 comments scraped from various music videos on youtube. Each comment gets used only once then after they have all been used they get re-hashed into a different variation of the original one so it doesn't post duplicate comments.

Tracks that are posted as Anonymous will usually lower your accuracy because it can't search for the track's current rating so it gives it a random vote between 3 and 7, set it to +/-1 to get your accuracy back up.

Don't get greedy, keep your accuracy under 90% to avoid suspicion. It's making you free money, if you want more run it on another computer with a different account and ip address.

Don't run the bot all day long, somebody rating songs for 20 hours a day is going to catch some attention.